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May 09 2015


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In order to give an overall account of predefined evidence to the strategic research relating to planning in regional development, so here we have chosen to define an approach for the project based on a general description of the organization. We have chosen to develop our process-, and development work around project organization for strategic research projects.

Process-, and development is driven from idea to implementation in project form. Risk analysis is carried out regularly in the activities to identify the critical activities and eliminate threats to the project, as well as to create a good long-term planning to achieve the goal.

In connection with the decision to implement a project is assumed the project organization. The organization levels; guiding, leading, anchoring and execution. The steering group representing the originator of the project and decide on the framework for the project. The steering committee shall submit a written directive, which is to be guided, clear and result-oriented and provide a framework for the project. Concept study, study and a feasibility study of the project examined from a set of requirements such as a need area alt. action area. The review should be carried out by independent and skilled staff and measure the validity of which is intended to measure. The project manager prepares a project plan which is approved by the steering committee. At that stage, it has taken the task of cost, resource use, etc.

Now, the start of the project take place, implemented through various instruments. When the project is determined during the initial stages are the most critical. Project manager leads the project and is responsible for implementation. Responsibility for the work and the results of a project, the project organization. We use the model; dynamic development (project management). People with different experiences and knowledge are brought together and achieve effective collaboration. Skills, knowledge and experience are crucial to the tasks to be assigned to the project. Projects carried out over a certain period of time and with limited resources, which requires good planning. Project's planning manager report prepared comments to the project, its results, with advantages and disadvantages, proposals for possible follow-up projects. To experience must be exploited in future projects, it is important that the documentation work. This documentation shall be at the project management and is important in the evaluation of the project.

The project model is primarily a management tool, and tools for the people working in the project and only secondarily a means of control of the project. All project managers working within the framework of the project model (framework), but very different which also means that different experiences has limits to spreads. This is a weakness of the model. However, the project organization has the advantage of being able to focus on the development of the region as the regional conditions looks at the outlook and to continue to apply themselves to this approach in order to pursue sustainable development.

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The project team responsible for implementation of project activities and for the ongoing coordination. The project team is also responsible for the results and ideas that emerge anchored and determined by the organization.

The organization must have the skills, expertise, and experience, and this is crucial for the tasks to be assigned to the project. It applies the principle of efficiency within the organization.

In a project exists meetings of various kinds. Meetings serve an important function for the future, consultations, and decisions and how the project is run. They should be planned as far as possible, have fixed agendas and be recorded. A good follow-up is essential in order to steer the project towards set goals. Information and training is vitally necessary. To implement the project we must have with the organization involved in detail and to inform and educate in order to achieve a good result. We are aware of that and apply it. When it comes to short information meetings so should the number of participants be limited. The projects are also procuring for example, services, consulting and equipment. The project manager is responsible for the procurement of the project.

We will try to create a platform for a triple helix theory vertically with a cluster theory for an in-depth knowledge about the regional development issues.

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